Copyhackers – Copy School 2020

Copyhackers – Copy School 2020

Copyhackers – Copy School 2020

Career-defining question for digital marketers, entrepreneurs and the well-paid copywriters who write for them:

What’s the difference between a marketing campaign that generates record-breaking profits, vaults you to the top of your industry, and has you jet-setting to Lake Tahoe for your next team off-site…
… and one that barely breaks even and leaves you shoulder-shrugging on your post mortem Zoom call as you wonder where the f*ck things went so wrong?
If you guessed…
… how life-changing your digital course, software or coaching program is.

You’d be wrong.

… how many upsells, downsells, tripwires, surveys, pixels and ninja stars you’ve managed to sprinkle across the world’s most “epic” funnel.

You’d be wrong.

… how many 5-figure checks you’ve anxiously signed off on for high-level consultants, coaches and masterminds to tell you WHAT to do but not how to do it.

You’d be wrong.

… how many late nights curled up in fetal, praying to all that’s good and pixely that your copy somehow converts.

You’d still be wrong.

Because as every top-in-class marketer, copywriter or business owner will tell you… cash doesn’t change hands, lives don’t get impacted, and YOUR biz doesn’t get rewarded with record-breaking profits until… YOUR COPY CONVERTS.
Which is also…

The real reason copywriters and marketers drink.

Don’t let Don Draper’s fictional swag fool you.
Drinking is not an emphatic glass-clink to celebrate a job well done.

It’s to calm the PTSD from that last time you hit “share” on a Google doc with your client or the higher ups and prayed to the copy gods that it actually converts.
It’s to grapple with the existential crisis that comes from stress-eating Cliff bars on a Sunday night and toggling through Spotify playlists waiting for inspiration to strike.
It’s to feign the confidence that you actually know what you’re doing when you get assigned an email sequence or sales page – while on the inside you’re helplessly trying to pacify a pitchfork-wielding mob of inner voices. (Was that last win a fluke?… Can I do it again?… Am I a one hit wonder like those Macarena dudes?… Should I just quit while my reputation and ego are intact?)

Or if you’re a business owner…

It’s to soothe the shot nerves from the last time you had to patch together a 5-minute copy education from the blogosphere in order to whip up the landing page, sales page and sales emails that would actually get your product into the hands of customers.

So yea.. the pressure is real
Insta-Pot stuck on high, real.
Overtaxed adrenals with no amount of adaptogens that can fix it real.
And it’s justified.
Cause in reality, everything you do in your career and business depends on it.

Allow me to be blunt…

Without the copy, the lofty acquisition goals you whiteboarded for that SaaS you spent 19 months coding are just that. Goals.

Without the copy, your online course (aka the reason your friends and family barely recognize you anymore) doesn’t enroll a single student.

Without the copy, the cash you’re sending to Zucks to put you in front of a hyper-targeted audience does nothing but help him target another 50-acre estate off the Amalfi coast.

Without the copy, your “next level” funnel that you spent all of last quarter’s marketing budget on is nothing but a set of lines and empty boxes spread out across an overpriced flow chart.

The skeleton of a real-world marketing campaign.
The dead bones of a rotting digital carcass.
Without the beating heart, flesh and connective tissue that actually makes things MOVE.
The “STUFF” that actually makes the cash register ring.
In short, nothing happens until your copy converts.
Nothing changes until your copy consistently and predictably gets the “yes.” And gets it at scale.
And that’s why…

Writing High-Converting

In our businesses. In our clients’ businesses. In our students’ businesses.
When you master the ability to quickly and confidently write high-converting copy, you’re arming yourself and your company with an invaluable $1,000 per hour skill.
In our businesses. In our clients’ businesses. In our students’ businesses.
When you master the ability to quickly and confidently write high-converting copy, you’re arming yourself and your company with an invaluable $1,000 per hour skill.
In our businesses. In our clients’ businesses. In our students’ businesses.

These wins didn’t come from months or years of learning and laboring.

When you FINALLY have the confidence to turn your words into revenue, everything changes.

When you FINALLY have the ability to turn your Macbook Pro into a weapon of mass conversion, everything changes.

When you FINALLY have the Kanye-level confidence that comes from knowing what you’re doing rather than guessing and praying (aka the GAP method), you can hit “share” on that g- doc while sporting the world’s ugliest khakis and still feel like a million bucks. Hell, you can be “socks and sandals” guy and still strut out of the office at 5:01pm with your proverbial middle fingers in the air. #dontbethatguy

So if the rewards of this skill are so disproportionately high, why do most marketers (and some copywriters) treat copy like a close-talking lepper?

Simple. It’s kinda scary. Not kinda… A lot scary.
Double root canal without the laughing gas – SCARY.
Cause even though it’s the most profitable skill, it’s also the most subjective and confronting.
As you sit at your laptop with a Google Doc open, you wonder things like…
… Am I doing this right?
… Does this sound too salesy?
… Are these words gonna convert? Or am I wasting my time with something that’s already dead before I even hit send or publish?
There are apps that tell you what grade level your writing is at. There are plugins that will tell you if a word is spelled wrong. There are bots that will autocomplete a common sentence.
But there’s NO plugin, app or bot that will tell you if your copy is any good.
Only the market and your merchant account can tell you that. And rest assured, they will.
Every single time.
In cold hard numbers that don’t CARE how many Saturday nights you spent stress-eating cliff bars in front of a laptop. Or how much time and money you spent creating that thing you’re trying to sell.
That’s why it’s far safer to share a social post and pat yourself on the back for those 300 likes than it is to fire off a 300 word sales email and feel like a helpless hack as the Mailchimp monkey laughs at your whopping 1% CTR.
Confronting? Yep.
High stakes? Absolutely.
An unfair advantage to anyone courageous enough to master it? You already know the answer.
Simply put…
If you’re responsible for generating revenue inside your business or a client’s business – you’re responsible for gaining outcome-based mastery over this skill.
And damn right there’s a path for that.


The Proven 3-Step Path to Results-Based Mastery (and declaring yourself the Most Profitable Person in the Room)

Step 1: Master the Places Where Cash Changes Hands

The reason most founders, copywriters and marketers give up in their pursuit towards mastery is because they’re literally trying to master everything.
Which is pure insanity.
Unlike Facebook Ads or SEO – which are barely old enough to order a cheap whiskey from a Canadian dive – copywriting has been around for over 120 freakin’ years.
The amount of techniques, philosophies, schools-of-thought and the places to apply them are nearly endless.
That’s why even seasoned copywriters never quite feel like they’ve “made it” or that they’re “good enough.” The goal posts for mastery are blurrier than a Jackson Pollock to those people in Bird Box.
So to that we say “screw it.” Don’t shoot for this elusive thing called “mastery.” Instead, develop results-based mastery over the key marketing funnel assets where cash changes hands.
1. Your Website
2. Your Facebook and Instagram Ads (to turn strangers into traffic)
3. Your Landing Page (to turn traffic into leads)
4. Your Emails (to turn leads into primed prospects)
5. Your Sales Page (to turn primed prospects into customers)
Gain results-based mastery over these 5 cash-changing junctures, and you’ll NEVER have to worry about your ability to generate revenue in your business again. Or in your clients’ businesses again.

Step 2: Need for Speed: Never start from scratch. Never second guess.


High-converting copy is meant to be written fast. Methodically fast.
It’s not a study game. It’s a speed game.
As a a founder, a marketer, business owner… or as a busy-ass copywriter who wants to serve all those clients fighting for your keyboard, you don’t have endless hours to labor over your Macbook while throwing back 18 Starbucks refills.
You don’t have time to play a poor man’s game of copywriting chicken with the blinking cursor.
Your CMO – your client – your employees – they can’t “wait” until you feel inspired enough to write the copy that keeps everyone, including the company’s Bernese mountain dog, fed.
And that’s actually an advantage for you. Because killer sales copy happens fast. Methodically fast. And that’s why the top-performing copywriters on the planet NEVER start from scratch – they start with the proven templates, frameworks and processes that churn out record-breaking copy in half the time it takes you to labor over that stuff that makes your stomach churn the second you hit “share.”

Step 3: Recognize Copy as the Universal Blood Type of Your Marketing Campaign


You’re probably just as sick as we are of every marketing person on the planet professing their thing as “the most important thing” – SEO, CRO, funnels, high ticket services, ascension paths, inbound marketing, conversational marketing, etc.
Endless, right?
But the one thing they ALL HAVE IN COMMON is the requirement for high-converting copy.
Copy is the great unifier. It’s the O-Negative blood type that generously pumps its profit-generating power into EVERYTHING you’ll ever do in your marketing.
It was the “thing” in 1920. And it’ll still be the thing in 2020 and beyond.
When it comes to marketing, copy is an immortal Taoist sage who’s sipped from the fountain of youth and bottled that sh*t up for safekeeping.
You can blame it for being too humble. You can resist it. You can pretend it doesn’t exist or that it doesn’t matter. But with that attitude, it’ll likely outlast you and your business.
It’s time to let bygones be bygones and finally make peace with this most profitable skill.
And that means committing to actually mastering these key assets.
Not just being “blog smart” and name-dropping Ogilvy every chance you get. Not just learning the “101” stuff on Udemy.
But actually acquiring and applying the repeatable, evergreen skills and strategies that have helped create repeatable 6- and 7-figure wins for the brands, businesses and software programs you use everyday.
If you’re ready to do that… we’re initiating a brand new breed of copywriter and marketer:


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