Please read the instructions carefully. It will take just

Please follow the instructions to get membership.

Step 1: Read the instructions very carefully. If you miss anything, the membership will not be completed. (Note: The text in Red color is very important)

Step 2: Create a Free account by Clicking Here. (Note: Free account is useless if you do not make payment.)

Step 3: Please Click Below to go to That page. You need to choose and buy a Product.

Options To Buy: Train Your Dog: (10$ One Month Membership) Puppy Training: ($40 Lifetime Membership)

Scroll down on that page and select a Product to buy.

Step 4: Buy the product on that store. When you buy the product, send your Username, Email and your Order Screenshot and transaction ID immediately at [email protected] (without these 4 things, your account will not be found).

Step 5: Once I receive your information through email, I will activate your account. It can take a while because of sleep time (maximum 12 hours because of time zone difference).

Here is how to pay with Bitcoin.

Step 1: Please send Bitcoin worth $10 for One Month Membership and $40 for Lifetime membership on the following Bitcoin Wallet Address. Wallet Address: (Must make the screenshot of the transaction)




If you do not have Bitcoin, you can buy it easily using Paypal or Credit/Debit Card from, or Step 2: After Sending the Bitcoin, click here and register a free account.

Step3: After Sending Bitcoin and registering free account, email me at [email protected] and give me your username and email address you registered on site and also the transaction ID or detail attach the screenshot of the transaction. Note, if you don not send this email its requirements, I can not activate your account.

Step4: Finally wait for your account activation. Once your bitcoin payment and email is received, I will activate your account. It can take maximum 12 hours because of time zone difference. Thanks,