[Special Offer] Kyle Sulerud Elite Local Ads

Elite Local Ads is all about helping you get more customers for any local business using a proven Google Ads formula that’s guaranteed to work.

Kyle Sulerud Elite Local Ads
(This program used to be called AdWords For Local Businesses…it has been renamed, revised, and expanded.)
Limited Time Stimulus Bonus (Expires April 12 At Midnight)…

My “Outlaw Agency” Method For Managing Clients

Defying Industry Norms To Better Serve My Clients…And Myself!
This is an exclusive one-hour presentation I recorded for my Business Builder Mastermind group. The response was so positive (and in some cases controversial) that I decided it should be removed from the internet forever and only delivered by mail to people who REALLY want the information.
This recording will be sent to you on a USB drive, along with a paper transcript, anywhere in the world. And that’s the only way you will get it – you will not be able to access it anywhere online.
During the presentation, I tear apart ten industry norms that are stunting the growth of most PPC management companies and freelancers. I go deep into the exact methods I use to keep my clients happy, while also keeping myself happy and avoiding the things I used to hate about running an ad agency.
This Bonus Is Part Of The Stimulus Special And Expires In…
Here’s how Marek applied the “Outlaw Agency” Method…
“Since I saw [Kyle’s Outlaw Agency Method presentation] all the bells went off  in my head, and it completely changed how I start interacting with my clients… The pricing model, and how to charge your clients based on value that you’re bringing to their business… it’s allowed me to go from not just a higher percentage of what their ad spend is, but three and five times… And, oddly enough, it makes closing the sale so much easier too.” -Marek McKenna
This Bonus Is Part Of The Stimulus Special And Expires In…
Here’s What Kyle Sulerud’s Elite Local Ads Course Covers…
Module 1: Keywords
  • ​Discover the absolute best method for finding high-value keywords for your business.
  •  Create airtight campaigns that focus on attracting BUYERS
  •  Stop wasting money on keywords that are never going to lead to sales. 
  •  Find tons of negative keywords that will save you money from day one. 
  •  A foolproof way to ensure your campaigns are instantly profitable, even if you start with a small budget. 
  •  And more…
Module 2, 3, & 4: Settings & Ads
  • ​Get a blueprint for all the optimal settings crucial to running a successful campaign.
  • ​See which of Google’s “recommended” settings you need to avoid.
  • ​Find hidden (but important) settings most advertisers don’t know about.
  • ​Advanced location targeting strategies so you can target your local area the RIGHT way.
  • 11 Proven formulas you can use when writing your ads, complete with persuasion triggers that spur people to take action.
  • ​Make sure your ads stay relevant to whatever people are searching for, WITHOUT writing a different ad for every keyword.
  • Take up more real estate on Google’s search results page with effective ad extensions (and the two most commonly used ad extensions that you should never use).
  •  Plus more!
Module 5: Tracking Setup
  • Quick and easy guide to Google Ads tracking setup.
  • ​Most local businesses don’t track their leads. This is a huge mistake…
  • Set yourself apart from the vast majority of advertisers who don’t properly track their leads and sales.
  • ​Once tracking is set up, you’ll be able to optimize your campaigns like a pro.
  • Plus much more!
Module 6 & 7: Campaign Optimization
  •  What to do in the very first hours, days, and weeks when starting a new campaign.
  • ​Quickly find and eliminate wasted ad spend.
  • ​Adjust your bids to help maximize the profitability of your campaigns.
  • ​Get new keyword ideas from your customers.
  • ​See how your campaign performance compares to your competitors.
  • And a TON more!
Module 8: Retargeting
  •  Play with the big boys and be everywhere your customers are, without spending gobs of money.
  • ​Learn how to easily create highly effective ads that you don’t need to design or write.
  • ​Segment your remarketing lists so you can give prospects what they want, when they want it.
  • ​Use remarketing lists in your search campaigns to improve your ROI.
  • And much, much more!
In addition to that, you’re going to get plugged into a group of likeminded business owners…
“This is a really high value community. We support each other. We give each other advice and ideas…”  -Brett
Lifetime access to my private Business Builder Mastermind group ($1,997 Value)
  • Get help with your keywords, ads, etc.
  •  Bounce ideas off other business owners. 
  •  Get feedback on your website and landing pages. 
  •  Find help whenever you need it. 
  •  Share your wins! 
“This is a really high value community. We support each other. We give each other advice and ideas…”  -Brett
Also included…
Campaign Review Videos ($2,955 Value)
Watch as I take a look inside other Google Ads campaigns. I talk about what looks good, and what needs work. These people put themselves on the chopping block, so you don’t have to…
This section includes campaign reviews for cabinet painting, conveyancing, piano lessons, insurance, window blinds, real estate, phone repair, party bus, event tent rental, charter fishing, electrician, wedding DJ, gym, locksmith, basement remodeling, and more!
Plus, when you enroll in Elite Local Ads today, you’ll also receive…
My Ad Agency “Insider Pack” ($1297 Value)
Get all the different tools I use within my agency…so you can streamline your own campaign setup and optimization processes without missing a thing. 
These are the checklists and forms I use to keep everything running smoothly in my agency, and you will get them all.
But WAIT! Check Out These Bonuses…
Bonus #1: “Elite Conversion Optimization” Course ($997 Value)
Get over 5 hours of my most advanced Google Ads training.
50+ step-by-step lessons so you can easily follow along and apply the same strategies to your own Google Ads campaigns.
Elite Conversion Optimization sells by itself for $997. This is the most advanced Google Ads optimization training available anywhere. Right now you can get it for free by enrolling in Elite Local Ads. 
This Bonus Disappears Forever In…

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