Masterclass – David Baldacci Teaches Mystery & Thriller Writing

Masterclass - David Baldacci Teaches Mystery & Thriller Writing Download

Masterclass – David Baldacci Teaches Mystery & Thriller Writing

With more than 130 million sales worldwide, New York Times-bestselling author David Baldacci has been crafting high-stakes suspense for more than 20 years. His plots and characters blend reality and conspiracy, with stories woven from in-depth research and careful character development.

David has written 38 thrillers so far, several of which have been adapted for film and TV. His novels have been published in more than 45 languages and in more than 80 countries.

In his MasterClass, the prolific novelist teaches you his writing tools, from coming up with ideas to crafting action to weaving together mystery and suspense. Learn David’s techniques for conducting research, structuring your outline and chapters, and writing a novel that keeps readers turning the pages. David walks you through his process for developing characters, crafting action scenes, building tension and suspense, and pacing your novel for maximum impact. Discover how David injects mystery into his suspense, so you can keep readers hooked to the very last page.

In this online class, you’ll learn about:

  • – Finding writing ideas with potential
  • – Conducting research, interviewing sources, and developing outlines
  • – Opening your book with suspense
  • – Creating a sense of mystery
  • – Building tension and suspense
  • – Crafting compelling characters
  • – How to write dialogue
  • – How to write better action scenes
  • – Editing and revising
  • – Navigating the publishing industry

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Masterclass – David Baldacci Teaches Mystery & Thriller Writing Contains: Videos, PDF’s



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