[Special Offer] SEO Intelligence Agency – Test Reports – April, 2020

SEO Intelligence Agency - Test Reports

SEO Intelligence Agency – Test Reports – April, 2020


Why Would You Continue To Guess With The Latest Guru “Theories” Of What Works In SEO… When You Can Start Using TESTED SEO Techniques That Are Backed By Verifiable SCIENTIFIC PROOF!

You Wouldn’t!

the SEO Intelligence Agency

In A Nutshell

  • The SEO Intelligence Agency is comprised of a small group of SEO Professionals dedicated to testing & reporting SEO metrics by creating singular tests that allow them to identify ranking variables.
  • When you join S.I.A. you get access to these studies delivered to you every month. The S.I.A also supports Agent Community in Facebook & Skype and sponsors a monthly & weekly webinars to go over tests, tactics and SEO questions.
  • Consider us your own personal SEO R&D lab, as an Agent in good standing, you are able also suggests tests & myths that would like to see and/or confirmed or busted.

Small Sampling of Studies In Dossier (see below)

A Scientific (Data-Driven) Professional SEO Association

Scientific Tests Revealed

  • The “stealthiest” way to link together inner pages. (This little-known way to structure your website actually won the silo building test we have already done)
  • The “nuclear” link source we found that has been under our noses for years that no one has taken advantage of! (Funny what you find when you start testing. This one is so powerful we thought of selling just THIS alone for $997.)
  • The “water-cooler” Google indexing system that runs on auto-pilot (I was told this several years ago while playing blackjack at the Hyatt in Lake Tahoe with the Google index team, I tested it and sure enough, it tested positive, but time to retest.)
  • Exactly “how many” links to send to a site with the same anchor text before you over-optimize for that keyword.(We will have to wait for the next Penguin update that runs in real time to get Google’s new penalization formula)
  • What we know from test results about the best place to place your keywords on the page and if they should be bold, in italics or ALL CAPS. (And how to use this knowledge to better effectively write your site content).
  • The completely backwards approach (yet 100% accurate) way to dominate your competition using Google as your link source. (It’s astonishing how few people know this, yet it is so easy and powerful and tested positive.)
  • Take the pressure and anxiety off guessing about how long an article on a page should be, our testing got us the number. (This test has already been done and the we have the run down and just like clockwork the answers came back systematically straight forward, but see to believe)
  • Do the “secrets” of all the latest SEO gurus stand up to scientific testing?(Which secret would you like us to confirm or bust, just let us know and we will put it to the test)
  • Does inner linking your PBNs really harm them or does it pass magnificent authority and link juice to each other. (A question that SEO’s have assumed the correct answer to since 2010. Will we bust or confirm?)
  • Understand optimization so you can confidently answer your clients biggest question; “How many words should I have on the page?” (This took building 10 different pages but was worth all the effort to get the answer.)
  • How to inner link your pages to boost your product pages effectively.  (In fact, do it this way, and what we have seen from test results, Google will practically look forward to crawling your website 😉
  • What to do to the links that bring you no love. (The truth about using the Disavow tool that Google has shoved down our throats, test will prove YAY or NAY)
  • The “un-sexy” link format that tests confirmed to be the bee’s knee’s of links, often gets overlooked, but needs to be included in your anchor formula. (So under used by newbies it makes Googles job easy to spot SEOs)
  • The best way to build links if you can’t afford to build your own PBNs.(And also… the best places to build these links from and the ones you need to ignore because they never get indexed as shown in our tests results)
  • Which methods “kicked-the-most-ass” for building ‘high quality’ web 2.0s as tier 1 links. (And which web 2.0 sites you should use and which to avoid like the plague)
  • Test shows how to use this strange and bizarre strategy to stick out like a sore thumb to Google’ yet stay under the radar and not get an over-optimized penalty. (Especially when surrounded with a bunch of the same old, same old white hat Google kiss butts.)
  • A “breakthrough discovery” that lets even total newbies build links easily from a source that will blow your away. (Even I didn’t think of this, it is ALL Kyle!)
  • Testing how many times to plug your links in a paragraph. (And if they need to be different anchor text when going to same site)
  • Is “Less is More” in the new era of link penalties? (Get the low-down on what exactly will over-optimize your site and once you have slid over is there ever a chance to regain Google’s confidence? Testing will confirm or deny our hypothisis)
  • Tests show the most valuable sites to build links from. (And in what order they rate)
  • Which sites index quickly (but drop out of the index even though the page has not been removed. Tests reveal interesting tidbits of useful information)
  • Which little thought of domain extension gets more power then you would think. (And is the first to index! Came out of my domain extension test)
  • Which is better — HTML or Images? (The answer is BOTH, but which will win the Myth Busting debate?)
  • A secret spammer technique that lets legitimate white hat SEOs ethically get more links out of their own Google accounts.(Although I don’t believe in White Hat, but what the heck, let them think it is OK to build links without being a Black Hat lol Test confirm we can get links from the king-pin itself)
  • Have you ever heard of “Keyword Density?” (How many times do you place your keyword on the page for maximum benefit and when is it too much? Time to stop guessing and to test it once and for all)
  • Does CAPITALIZING in headlines with your keyword over-optimize your page (or is that just another Myth that needs busting?)
  • Do H tags factor into keyword density? (or do they just count in body content, what is the exact number to place and if different variations? Testing it!)
  • How to “program” (like Google) your knowledge to give you almost unlimited power to reverse engineer the greatest search engine of all time. (and does that make you a tiny bit scared to know you can harness each bit of information to build the “perfect website?” 🙂
  • What “exact number” of words on a page wins the test and what is the amount you should avoid? (Has already been under the gun and in your first dispatch)
  • Do the rules change from niche to niche? (We have to test it, and we will even learn if we can use lorem ipsum in place of “original content” when link building. And Does the content surrounding your link really matter? Oh, SO testing it!)
  • When Duplicate Content is OK and is it “really” that bad. (Our industry has been plagued by the phantom “duplicate content” penalty. Does it even really exist? We will be testing this shortly, muwahaha)
  • If Google penalizes for a site being over or under optimized (and does Google have an optimum optimization rate that we should try to calculate? We will find out)
  • What is “Optimization Rate” and what is the best rate to have when building a web page? (This is different the “Keyword Density” and we looked at both)
  • The most beneficial number of times to plug your links in a paragraph.(And is the “no-follow” still the new “do-follow,” which to use and how much to use. Test results coming up on that.)
  • The biggest question of them all, do Google properties pass “link juice?” (We already know they index and can be ranked, but which one that we tested PASS link juice? And do any of the others pass it? We will soon find out.)
  • And a whole lot more, including…

Anything you would like us to test and get to the bottom of. Our mission is to confirm or bust all SEO myths, push out theory and create the ULTIMATE Google ranking guide that you can trust as FACT.

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This GB Course are products that we acquire at extra cost. It’s our way of bringing you brand new cutting-edge course at a massive reduction in price to you. Each member who is interested in accessing download links immediately will need to pay small amount to access the course. All active members will have access to the course 120 Days from the day it posted.

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