MasterClass – St. Vincent Teaches Creativity & Songwriting

MasterClass – St. Vincent Teaches Creativity & Songwriting 

MasterClass – St. Vincent Teaches Creativity & Songwriting

Under the stage name St. Vincent, Annie Clark has won Grammys while remaining fiercely innovative and true to herself

Now Annie is opening the door to her process to teach you how to explore your creativity

Learn how to record music, write songs, improve your guitar skills, and embrace your vulnerability. Let Annie guide you through the ups and downs of creating art so you can share what’s in your heart with the world.

16 video lessons (2h 18m)

S92E01 – Meet Your Instructor: St. Vincent a.k.a. Annie Clark
S92E02 – Nun Mode: Discipline in the Creative Process
S92E03 – Every Song Needs an Epiphany
S92E04 – Basic Tools for Bedroom Composing
S92E05 – Fear, Shame, and Humiliation
S92E06 – “Savior” Songwriting Demo: Early Sketches
S92E07 – “Savior” Songwriting Demo: Finding the North Star
S92E08 – “Savior” Songwriting Demo: Rewriting, Revising, and Refining
S92E09 – “Savior” Songwriting Demo: Final Mix
S92E10 – Seizing Opportunity
S92E11 – Tuning In to the World Around You
S92E12 – Out of the Studio, Onto the Stage
S92E13 – Case Study: Writing a Theme Song
S92E14 – Notes on Guitar: Tone
S92E15 – Notes on Guitar: Tunings and Techniques
S92E16 – Closing Thoughts

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MasterClass – St. Vincent Teaches Creativity & Songwriting Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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