Traffic Badassery – Freelancer Badassery

Traffic Badassery – Freelancer Badassery

Traffic Badassery – Freelancer Badassery

The immense opportunity in front of you

Treat this business as a business…not as a hobby.
Treat it with respect. And you will be rewarded exponentially.

Kill the Scarcity Mentality
“There’s already other people offering that…”
“They’ve been doing that a long time…I can’t compete!”
“Why would clients ever hire me?”

That being said, there will be rejection.
That is a GOOD thing.
Treat it well. We do use some client-outreach methods (i.e. not just
answering ads) to get clients.
If it’s not a good time for a client to come on board, that’s ok. It’s just not
time. Ask to follow up with them. And then follow up.

We have an entire section on getting referral clients.
Use that method without fail.
At some point, it will be your single largest client acquisition method.
So much so, that you will have to expand just to keep up with demand.
Getting clients won’t be the problem…far from it.

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Traffic Badassery – Freelancer Badassery Contains: Videos, PDF’s

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